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       Ningguo Haixing Wear-resistant Material Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprises, located in "China's capital of wear-resistant castings" - Anhui Ningguo. Based on the geographical advantage of the company brand, specializing in the production of electricity, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgical industry with the necessary ball, wear-resistant materials such as grinding paragraph. Company covers an area of 2 million square meters, the annual design production capacity of 20,000 tons casting ball, casting para. 
        HAIXING Co., Ltd. reserves have a first-class talent, and improve production facilities, advanced technology formula, the standard of quality, high-quality service system and dedicated enough to products, product coverage of high, medium and low chrome alloy grinding milling paragraph three series of more than 70 kinds of specifications.
        The company has more than 20 types of equipment sets, with smelting, heat treatment, physical and chemical testing, welding, gas cutting, such as the capacity of integrated casting. Not only has a group of companies engaged in the production of wear-resistant materials of technical and managerial personnel, and cooperation with a number of research institutions, on the production of wear-resistant products to explore high-end research, developed in line with the international series of high-chrome grinding ball, the Physics and Chemistry Performance and application of indicators GB/T17445-1998 meet and exceed national standards.
        The face of opportunities and challenges, haixing to "become a peer so that customers and businesses trust and respect" as the goal of the ongoing scientific and technological innovation, standardize the production system, the potential of deep-house to ensure that customers get better products and services! " haixing "brand products will continue to meet and exceed customer needs!